Martin Sumichrast |If The Presidential Debate Were A Football Game,It Ended 62-24, Romney In A Blowout


As a lover of College Football, I have to say, watching last nights Presidential Debate was like watching Nebraska Beat Florida in the 1995 Fiesta Bowl. At halftime, Nebraska so dominated the game with a 35-10 lead, that Florida looked liked they didn’t even want to come out of the locker room to play the second half. It was uncomfortable to watch and left Florida fans in total despair.

That’s the way I saw it last night. Mitt Romney was in such control of the debate from the start, that I kept thinking we would see President Obama looking at his watch. Obama knew he was getting beat…Romney knew he was dominating and even the moderator Jim Lehrer seemed to be witnessing a horrible care wreck.

After the debate I went to MSNBC to see if I had seen it wrong…perhaps team Obama lead by Chris Matthew’s, would point out something I had missed. Instead Matthew’s “Where Was Obama” rant confirmed it. Even the far left media conceded the drubbing.

After the debate, Frank Luntz reported on Fox News about a focus group that had watched the debate. The feedback was devastating for Obama. Of the 26 people in the room of independents, only 3 picked Obama the winner. More troubling for the President was the fact that over half of those in the focus group were so impressed with Romney that they made a decision to vote for him after watching the debate.

Expect the polls to swing to Romney. Expect Intrade to move heavily to Romney. Expect Obama to show up at the next debate, which is a town hall setting. There is still a little over a month to go in this election and the game in now on.

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