Martin Sumichrast |If The Presidential Debate Were A Football Game,It Ended 62-24, Romney In A Blowout


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As a lover of College Football, I have to say, watching last nights Presidential Debate was like watching Nebraska Beat Florida in the 1995 Fiesta Bowl. At halftime, Nebraska so dominated the game with a 35-10 lead, that Florida looked … Continue reading

Man Is Not Free Unless Government Is Limited

I was recently reminded of President Ronald Reagan’s 1989 Oval Office farewell address. I have attached below a video link where you can watch it:

No matter your political affiliation, everyone should listen to this 20-minute speech. Here are some key excerpts that ring ever louder today:

On foreign policy:

  • “trust but verify”
  • “play, but cut the cards”

On the role of government:

  • “We the people are the driver, government is the car, we tell government where to go and, what route and how fast”
  • “man is not free, unless government is limited”
  • “as government expands, liberty contracts”

On regrets while in office:

  • “The Deficit”

On teaching of history to our children:

  • “teach history by not what is in fashion, but what is important”

At the end of his address, Reagan also said that although during his eight years in office, America regained its sense of patriotism, he warned of the potential of the “erosion of the American spirit.” He urged Americans to remember the sacrifices that past generations had made by continuing civic rituals.

I coach Pop Warner Junior Pee Wee football. Before every game, we stop and listen to “The Star Spangled Banner.” I watch these 9 and 10 year-old boys take their helmets off, face the flag and put their hand over their heart.  It is important…it is America. I really hope that someday, some activist judge does not take that away.

My parents came to this country in 1955, as penniless refugees fleeing communist Eastern Europe. They never took for granted their right to vote. They never failed to vote. They always said, “If you don’t vote, then don’t complain.” Exercise your civic duty and go vote… it’s important!

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